Condition:  Scarring is the result of the body’s natural healing process after injury, trauma, or inflammation to the skin. It occurs when the normal tissue is replaced by fibrous tissue, leading to a visible mark or alteration in skin texture. Various factors, such as the depth and extent of the injury, genetics, and the individual’s healing process, influence the severity and appearance of scars. Common types include hypertrophic, keloid, atrophic, and contracture scars. While some scars fade over time, others may be permanent. Treatments for scarring range from topical therapies, laser treatments, and surgical interventions, depending on the type and severity of the scar.

What can help?

Our Treatments:


-LED Therapy

-Chemical Peels



Product Recommendations:

*Depending on where you are in your healing process the following products may be recommended

-Vivier VStat

-UniverSkinB Baume

-Vivier Lexxel

-Hale Derma

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